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    hey !! So I have this red eyed tree frog and sometimes his stomach turns a dark orange and somethimes it is a light orange. Is this red leg? Or do u guys know what this is, is it normal? ( I believe that I attached a photo, but if I did this is his stomach when it is light orange) Name:  image.jpg
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    Most if it looks pretty clear. The legs and very rear in particular are very nice and white. This small amount of pinkishness may be irritation. It is very good you are being vigilant, however. If it worsens or the frog's behavior changes, then it may be red leg. If you are concerned, just remember that Red Leg is usually caused by unclean conditions. Just keep the enclosure very clean, and the risk of that should be pretty low. Just keep neing attentive like you have been for now.
    The dark orange you mentioned sounds a little more serious. If you see that again, take a picture. How long and how often has the belly area showed this discoloration?
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