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    Hello all. I am new to the toad world and would like some insight on breeding fire-bellied toads. I have had these toads for 3 weeks. I have a male and a female. Tank is 40% land and the rest water. The male has been extremely aggressive toward the female lately. Courting her while she tries to get away and smashing her into rocks so she's stuck. Is this normal or should I be worried? At first I thought nothing of it because I knew toads were like that. But she has laid eggs twice within the past week because he hasn't left her alone. I have disposed of the eggs because I don't have the resources to take care of them right now. Should I separate them or let nature take its course?

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    Default Re: Aggressive breeding male

    If she seems distressed I'd try separating them for a while.

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    Default Re: Aggressive breeding male

    Firebellies are pretty aggressive breeders. I never knew what intense breeders they were since I started following this thread:

    I think elly is right, separating them for a while is probably your best option. Based on what I've read in Alane's thread I lInked above, they'll probably just keep trying if you don't lol.
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