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    Hello! Im not sure if this is the right place to post this. I am new here and am currently in the process of piecing together a red eyed tree frog habitat and I have a few questions. I have had dart frogs in the past.

    I am planning on doing a natural bio active vivarium and was wondering on good plants that are safe for red eyes.

    I was wondering about captive bred vs wild caught as I currently canít find any captive bred ones, even online.

    How often to feed and what size crickets. I gut load my crickets and was also wondering about dusting.

    Do they need a UVB light?

    Good temperature and humidity levels? (Online I have gathered 72-80 degrees fahrenheit, 70-80% humidity)

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    I personally do not keep RETF's so I cant say with experience but pothos, tillandsia, (air plants), and various mosses would work. The humidity and temps are in a good range for them as that's how I will be keeping my white's tree Frogs, and I think they will be fine. I don't believe they need UVB as they are primarily nocturnal. I hope this helps!

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