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Thread: Varadero imitator eggs near hatching

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    Default Varadero imitator eggs near hatching

    My Varadero imitator pair have been very busy lately since I stole all of their latest tadpoles about 2 weeks ago . There are at least 3 clutches of eggs, for a total of 8 or 9 eggs. There may be other clutches I haven't spotted too. Anyhow, today the male transported the 3 from the first clutch to hatch (which I may steal from their pools). I decided to save both him and myself some heart ache and steal the other clutches before they hatch this time, but waiting until they're about 1-2 days from hatching. So I took this bromeliad leaf out just before lights out tonight. There's another clutch of 2-3 eggs in a ground-level film canister that are a few days behind these. I'll steal them in a day or two.

    These are the ones I took tonight. You can see they still have some gill filaments, which will disappear before they actually hatch. Enjoy! (click the picture to enlarge it)

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