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Thread: Grey tree frog with deformed foot

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    Default Grey tree frog with deformed foot

    So I am raising grey tree frog tadpoles, and four of my 6 became tiny little froglets. Sadly, one died after morphing, for some reason, but the others are very healthy. One of the remaining 3 froglets, Lefty, has a deformed back right foot. The toes are a lot shorter than normal, they are slightly curled, and the pads are smaller. He seems to be able to use the foot, but it isn't good for climbing. When he climbs up the tank wall, that foot slips a lot instead of gripping. I was planning on releasing the tadpoles when they morphed, but I'm not sure about releasing him. I'm afraid that if I do, he won't survive. What does everyone think, is it best for him if I keep him instead of releasing him?

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