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Thread: I found a small toad,frog and his front legs look broken.HELP

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    Default I found a small toad,frog and his front legs look broken.HELP

    A week ago I found a frog...looks like a toad. i TRIED TO UPLOAD A PHOTO...DONT SEE IT. This toad was sitting on my porch and didnt move for two days. I thought he may have been dead so I picked him up and he is alive...He cannot move. When I was bringing outdoor furniture into the house I think he may have been hiding in a cushion and got hurt and fell out onto my deck.... His front legs do not move. I think they got hurt or broken. I have had him for a week now in a small bowl on a damp paper towel. covered with tree moss and a small branch so he feels comfortable.. He will not eat ! I bought him meal worms and garden worms, small crickets. Even caught him a small moth. He just will not eat. He looks like he is getting smaller and darker in color. Could he be dying ? Im so sad...Dont know what to do...
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    Default Re: I found a small toad,frog and his front legs look broken.HELP

    Hi! First off all, it's great that you want to help this toad. Not eating may be from stress, or from sickness/injury. Stress can come from being handled, seeing things that freak it out, like people walking by and whatnot. They can be force-fed, but this increases stress, and may make things worse rather than better.
    As for the injury, all you can really do is give it a sterile, clean environment and hope it heals. Since this is an internal injury of a bone, options are limited...a vet might be able to help, but that can be expensive, and you'd have to find one with reptile/exotic pet experience. If it were an open wound there would be other options, but setting a bone would require expertise.
    The left foot looks a little bad. It's obscured , but it looks like the toes are partially missing or curled. The other leg looks mostly okay, and might heal to usability if the toad survives. If he does survive, he may not be healthy/strong enough to survive in the wild.
    Switch the paper towels daily and make sure to keep them moist, try offering him some bugs again later. Maybe leave him alone with them. He might calm down a bit and eat if he's alone in the dark. Thats all you can really do right now. Another member may have another idea. Also, your picture made it just fine.
    Thanks for caring about this toad. Good luck, I hope he pulls through.
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