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Thread: Organic soil question

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    Default Organic soil question


    I am currently using moss as substrate for my american toad.

    I am thinking of switching to organic soil but I have a couple questions....

    I bought organic soil from Walmart before but it had all these white rock-like things in it.

    It said it was organic; but I was very concerned about the white stuff thus I didn't use it.

    Is that soil safe? ...or can someone please tell me a good place to get safe soil?

    I could just buy that coconut fiber stuff but it costs like 40 bucks for a bag here.

    Thank you,


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    Default Re: Organic soil question

    The white stuff is probably Perlite. You can crush a pebble with your fingers if it is. People don't put it in their vivariums, probably for drainage reasons combined with the possibility of the frogs swallowing it. I definitely would go with another soil, coco fiber works great. If you want soil, Earthgrow Organic Topsoil is pretty much just dirt. I pucked up a big bag at Home Depot for cheap. I used it as a base for my vivarium mix for my plants. Very dark, pretty much just dirt with no additives. Not even a significant amount of wood chunks. There's also reptisoil if you want to get a dirt tailor made for reptile and amphibian keeping.
    I hope this helps!

    Edit: WOAH. 40$ a bag?? That's INSANE. Ive never bought it in loose bag form, only in compressed bricks. They usually only cost 2.50 or so around here...I am so, so sorry. That's ridiculous.
    I would pick up the soil or order your coco fiber online. Amazon usually has some bulk deals on multiple bricks that are pretty good. I like Earthgrow's topsoil because some soils/"gardening mixes" include a lot of wood chips, like the Kellogg's soil I bought before that. If you can't find earthgrow(might be Erthgro or something actual brand name) I'd see about other "Organic topsoil". Depending on who you get, sales associates can be helpful. The woman in Home Depot's garden area even cut open a bag of orchid bark to make sure it didnt have perlite in it.
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    Default Re: Organic soil question

    Wow; thanks again for the great reply and information Bryce. Answers my questions, thank you.

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