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Thread: Swollen Pacman Frog Toe

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    Default Swollen Pacman Frog Toe

    I have had my pacman frog for many years now. He had always had a little red coloration on one of his toe. Recently, I have noticed it is shorter than the toe on the opposite side and is now swollen and red. He is eating as much as ever and has not changed his behavior. If any one knows what to do it would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture of his toe. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Swollen Pacman Frog Toe

    I would probably not hold off on going to a vet. If it's an infection, medicine is cheap. And if it must be amputated, the earlier the better. Sometimes during feeding they bite their own feet while shoveling food. It's very possible that it nipped that toe.
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    Default Re: Swollen Pacman Frog Toe

    I second that. The toe looks pretty swollen and very red, I think a vet visit is really the best option since it could be multiple things. Good luck!
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