I am mainly interested in western toads and I have found the lack of posts by people who actually keep them sort of discouraging. My first western toad was crippled, he only had 3 legs and could only hop in circles. I found him while I was biking around a lake that is close to my home. He lived a number of years but never did very well, Progie (the toad) only made it to 4 years old and never got to be bigger then a couple centimeters.
Recently I was Kyacking at the same lake and saw a bunch of Bull frogs (introduced and doing a lot of harm to native species) behaving very strangly, when I got closer i saw they were eating baby toadlets, Needless to say I rescued several..... 12 actually and brought them home to live in my garden, I kept them in a tank until their tails were gone and they ate more then I could find to feed them. I was going to keep one green one but when I was letting them going in the garden ( We have a big garden and a pond and I made sure that there were a lot of toad houses) But one of the babies had milky white eyes and is very very blind so I ended up keeping 2 I could never kill the little thing or put it out of its misery. They are both doing very well on a diet of the tiniest wood bugs I can find and some worm things that seem to live in pea pods. I use calcium dust on most of their food; Is there anything else they can eat? My pet store doesn't carry pin head crickets or fruit flies.
P.S. Their already bigger then Progie ever was