Hello all! As the title says, I'm a complete frog newb, and recently acquired 5 (young?) adult American bullfrogs about 2.5 weeks ago. I have all of them in a 75 gallon tank. I just learned that the tank needs to be 70-75, so I'm going to the store tomorrow to get a thermometer/heater/etc. Only 1 of the frogs eats. I have a separate feeding tank so I can feed them individually and make sure they all eat. 4 of them won't. So I've tried putting nightcrawlers in their big tank and they eventually die off after a day or so, the frogs don't eat them. Teebs eats anything you give him from your hand, forceps, whatever, he doesn't care. Today I actually force fed the other 4 because I could tell they were malnourished and unhealthy from not eating for 2.5 weeks. Their skin color was all sorts of off. Teebs was bright green when I got him, and never went in the water. I finally tried hand feeding in and to my surprise he ate and ate and ate. The next day he was dark green like the others and swimming around and more lively. Now the other 4 that don't eat are bright green like Teebs was. I'm assuming it's because they have not eaten. 2 of the 4 that I force fed today actually somewhat cooperated, but the other 2 fought so badly I had to put them back because I was worried about them injuring themselves. So I only got a couple worms and crickets in each of them because I didn't want to stress them out too badly. We've all grown quite fond of these fellas (I think 1 is a female). I'm learning as I go so any and all advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance ❤️🐸 Oh and I have lots of pictures and videos of them if that's relevant?