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Thread: Cane Toad Heating Setup?

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    Default Cane Toad Heating Setup?


    I am interested in getting a cane toad but I am bit confused about its heating requirements.

    As stated here:
    cane toads like 72-80 F. However, it doesn't state how this is achieved.

    ...This website states they can handle 5C:

    On forums/websites I've read about people using heatmats on 1/3 (or half) of the bottom (or side) of a tank or a basking light and ceramic heater.

    This website seems to suggest heating mats are the way to go: Note: different toad but it seems similar.

    This one suggests a heatmat and maybe a basking light as well :

    This one says to use a heatmat and to NEVER use a basking light:

    1) Can someone with a cane toad please tell me what they are using (including the size / wattage) ?

    2) Would a heatmat work with a ‘plastic’ sterile bin until I saved up for a 75 gallon glass terrarium?

    Thank you,


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