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Thread: Red eyed tree frog White spots normal?

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    Default Red eyed tree frog White spots normal?

    Hola everybody!!
    So, no judging, but I got these new pet frogs...

    They are red-eyed tree frogs. I have 2 of them housed in a 12 x 12 x 18" terrarium.

    For the first week I had them, I used coconut husk bedding, misted frequently with distilled water, placed a small shallow water bowl (with distilled water), and fed ~10 small crickets (5 per frog) after the first night. I used a mini halogen day bulb for heat and light. I was having some problems maintaining humidity.

    This morning, when I went to check on them, I saw that one of them had turned a darker color, with some whitish spots on the skin (not a lot, but enough to notice). The other one looks the same. The spots look whitish in color and are slightly raised from the surrounding skin.

    I made some adjustments to husbandry today. Now, I have a layer of hydroballs, with a mesh covering, and damp paper towels (misted with distilled water) over top of that. I added a couple more broad leafed plants, and put a wider shallow water bowl in the bottom. Also, now I have a lamp with UVB spectrum (the Repticon 5.0 Tropical) light. I also have a heater on the side of the tank (it's on the foam side so as not to burn my beasties!) to help heat the tank. Lastly, I also now have a night heat bulb for said amphibians.

    I guess my question is if you would add any medications. I bought some Panacur, but I wanted to let them settle in a bit b4 I dewormed. I know their skin is sensitive and since I'm not entirely sure if the spots are normal, oodinium, or chytrid fungus, I'm hesitant to treat with anything, and am hoping the husbandry will fix any issues.

    Do you think I should deworm them tonight, and are there any medications you would add to their regimen? Also, I want to be sure I am feeding enough, and the right size crickets. Do they need medium sized crickets to maintain weight?

    Sorry for the long post!!
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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog White spots normal?

    Couple of things: the white spots, did they suddenly appear? Because white spots are normal markings for this species otherwise. They appear to be juveniles, so any reason you feel the need to worm them? They're probably CB and free of worms anyway, but you can have a fecal exam done to verify before stressing them out with medication that probably isn't needed. The water in the bowl will need to changed, distilled water is fine for misting, but for the soaking bowl you need water with minerals, either spring water, clean rainwater or tap water treated with a conditioner like 'Reptisafe'.
    Can you post a photo of the enclosure?
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