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Thread: Possible parasites in Crickets

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    Default Possible parasites in Crickets

    So first a little background: About a week and a half ago I purchased a batch of Crickets. I got them from the same place I usually do. I forgot to give them any fruits or other food and/or water crystals, and the vast majority died overnight. I started fishing out the remaining to live crickets to feed my toads, and saw something I wasn't expecting: Crawling across the bottom of the Kritter Keeper was a tiny, thin black worm-like organism. It was hardly thicker than a hair, and rather short. I suppose I will refer to it as #1. I failed to find #1 amongst the dead crickets after getting something collect him with and put him in. I resolved to purchase another bunch of Crickets to make sure before taking any action, and recreate the conditions. Today I searched through the dead crickets and found another creature, who will be referred to as #2. #2 is roughly the same size as #1, but is completely different in appearance...#2 looks much like a really really tiny maggot, smaller than the larvae of even D. Melanogaster. This time I captured it and have pictures. Any help with ID is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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