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Thread: Pacman frog tadpoles

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    Default Pacman frog tadpoles

    This is some one thing that can't be missed for you pacman frog lovers


    DONCASTER 3rd 2017

    Some thing different

    Tadpoles will be 2weeks old
    Mutant male with full red eyes helped to produce this spawn.

    Possible mutants tadpoles

    White albino
    A good mix of morphs is possibilities in this spawn

    Tadpole care:
    Un-bag tadpoles within 30 min of arrival
    Feed immediately

    76-82 degree water
    Must be treated tap water
    Water changes are based off water quality.(if it looks dirty do a water change)

    Frozen bloodworms
    Tadpole bites
    Tubifex worms
    Black worms

    Becoming a froglet:

    Once the front legs are out place frogs in half inch deep water til their tail is gone.

    During this time they will not eat.

    After tail is absorbed offer minnows

    Important notes:

    When changing water leave water out for 24hrs to allow gases to escape the water. Strongly advise using cycled water or filtered

    We are the only company in the United Kingdom supplying pacman frog tadpoles. This is a great opportunity to see what it is like raising up your own pacman frog tadpoles.

    Prices are below
    5 for 25
    12 for 60
    25 for 100

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    Default Re: Pacman frog tadpoles

    Aw very nice I'll be there.

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