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    I was out for a walk this morning with my dogs and came upon this frog who was covered in dirt and had a few ants crawling on him/her but was still breathing. I can't stand the thought of an animal spending it's last moments on Earth in this manner so I brought it inside, cleaned it up and put it in an old fish aquarium I have with some rocks, little bit of water and boiled lettuce. So far, it's still breathing but as I was cleaning him/her, I noticed this "thing" pierced through its neck. I don't know how to remove it because a simple tug did nothing but don't want to cut it either in case it's part of the frog that somehow exited it's throat because the throat was sliced somehow. Advice or knowledge on the matter would be SO appreciated! I really want to help this sweet creature to survive!
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    It's really nice what you're doing for this frog, first of all.
    I can't quite tell if the wound is simply a cut or something stabbing into the injury. Treating amphibians can be hard, and keeping the frog moist, safe and fed may be all you can do, apart from contacting a vet with exotic animal experience, which can be expensive. For now, just switch the towels out regularly, once a day or so, and maybe pick up a water dish. In addition, frogs eat pretty much only insects, so picking up some crickets at a pet store for him/her would be good, but it might be a slightly premature step, due to the location and severity of the wound. Generally, if the frog is still moving, it's a good sign. Moving, eating, and/or hunting down prey are very good signs. Hopefully someone else comes along who knows more about injuries like these. I really hope your new friend pulls through. Good luck!
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    Looks like a wound. Keep the frog clean and safe from jagged objects (in case it damages the wound further). I would keep it on moist paper towel that is changed every few days until the wound starts to close over. It will scar. Worst case scenario you could wipe the wound with some topical antibiotics (neosporin will work but make sure you don't leave much on the frog). However I would leave it be unless you see it start to get infected.
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