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Thread: spots on tree frog, diseased or just colouration?

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    Unhappy spots on tree frog, diseased or just colouration?

    So background: it's been a fiasco with these 3 frogs. I rescued them from a guy who couldn't look after them.He told me they were Hyla Aborea. They were actually Leptopelis nordequatorialis. Dude refuses to tell me more about how he kept them. Ive had to move them from their tank to a plastic tub with the right temp and humidity (23C and 60%). One (a male i think)has a very messed up foot, (maybe red leg i'm not sure) so he's been quarantined and awaiting the vets, he's acting very lethargic though, don't think he's gonna make it. I'm now very paranoid that the others may have the same disease. They have been living together for a about 2 weeks before the first frog frog went down hill.

    And now, the largest frog (a female i think) has spots appearing on her head (see attached photos). They're symmetrical comma shaped spots, not lumpy, just discoloured. I thought maybe they could be just natural markings coming in, The one with the bad leg has no such spots on him. But i don't know and i don't want to assume anything. She's eating well, crickets dusted with calcium and vitamins. But i'm still worried. Any advise? should i take her to the vets also?
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    Default Re: spots on tree frog, diseased or just colouration?

    It looks like a wound to me, but if you think the other frog has red leg I wouldn't take chances. Can you get that one examined too? Also you might want to check the tank for sharp things the frog could have rubbed.

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