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Thread: Hello - I'm frogsitting, but may be a frognapper

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    Default Hello - I'm frogsitting, but may be a frognapper

    I'm frogsitting for a friend who adopted two american green tree frogs from our children's school. Unfortunately, as I've learned through my research, the instructions for frog care were woefully inadequate and one died before I took this one for the summer.

    On getting Teeny, I cleaned out her cage and removed the fertilizer-filled soil and replaced it with cocofiber. I got her a new water dish, branch, mister, and a potted pothos. I also started using dechlorinated water (Reptisafe), and I bought smaller crickets. Finally, I felt so bad for her in her small tank (only 9 inches high!), I also just bought an 18 X 18 X 18 eco terra terrarium on sale at Petco, which should arrive today. I know the 18 X 18 X 24 would be better but they didn't have it in stock and I really needed the sale to justify buying something for a frog that is technically not mine.

    I'm not planning on planting the tank, but I was thinking a layer of hydroballs, mesh, then cocofiber on top. I don't love cocofiber because I see how she sometimes gets a mouthful with the cricket but while I know about feeding from a glass bowl, Teeny seems to like hunting the crickets so much, I kind of don't want to take that away (is that crazy?).

    I'll probably look for some taller branches once I know the height with the substrate added in, and probably one more potted pothos or other potted plant to round out the fake greenery. Not planning to use the fake rock background as I've read crickets can get back behind it and that is one thing I don't want to have to deal with.

    Do you think transferring her to the larger tank is going to stress her out? Any thoughts on how to minimize the stress?

    As you can see, I just don't see myself giving the frog back. But I haven't told my friend that yet. September should be interesting.

    Thanks for all the help I've found on this forum. I know Teeny is just an American Green Tree Frog and she will always be afraid of me, and maybe she's not the most interesting pet - but she's my responsibility and I'm enjoying having her around.

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    Default Re: Hello - I'm frogsitting, but may be a frognapper

    Hello and welcome to frog forum!!

    Poor frogs! It's a good thing you have her now

    don't worry too much about coco fiber, it's usually easily passed through the frog's digestive system.

    The tank size is not too big, she won't get too stressed as long as she has plenty of places where she can hide and feel secure

    I don't think that the hydroball drainage layer should be necessary for this species however. The coco fiber should be damp but no so much so that water is accumulating at the bottom. This species does not have extreme humidity requirements so damp coco fiber but not soaking wet is more than enough humidity. Save yourself the extra work

    i used to use coco fiber and naturalistic beddings in all my enclosures but now I only use paper towels as substrate that i spray once or twice a day for my frogs. I find it's a lot easier to maintain and a lot less work. Doesn't look as nice though. Up to you.

    You've really done well with improving the conditions in her enclosure! Nice work!

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    Default Re: Hello - I'm frogsitting, but may be a frognapper

    thanks - I will omit the hydroballs....uh, anyone in NYC want two bags of hydroballs?

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