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Thread: Is spring water safe?

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    Default Is spring water safe?

    Hey, so I was just wondering if I could use spring water? Does it have any heavy metals or chlorine in it? Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Is spring water safe?

    Oh my ! Huge question with a billion answers and a zillion different opinions.

    ----> here for additional information

    There are a few topics in ‘frog land’ that get lots of attention…. this is one of them….requiring plenty of personal research so an informed opinion can be made. Here are some basics:

    Spring Water:
    This is the water typically found as “bottled water” at the market. Spring water is defined as water that comes from a spring. It is suppose to be from an undergrounds source. It may or may not have been treated or purified. Many spring water brands come from the same ‘place’. One may think of this water as coming out of the ground standing at the side of a mountain rock wall. The source however, may be a mystery as well as the contaminants.

    Purified Water :
    This is the ‘any source ‘ water .....then purified. Purified means: to remove all contaminants and chemicals.
    Purified water includes water we can easily purify ourselves with reverse osmosis equipment.
    The benefit being ….. you know it happened ! Purified water also includes other purification processes such as distillation, deionization, and carbon filtration ( ie Brita filters and home filtration systems).
    The disadvantage, depending on the purification process, is the minerals have been removed as well.
    Commonly, soaking indian almonds leaves are used to ‘re-mineralize’ frog water.

    Distilled Water:
    As mentioned above is a type of purified water. Distillation is done with equipment is large facilities.
    Done properly, it is stripped of all contaminants including all chemicals and beneficial minerals.

    Drinking Water:
    This water in from the tap, intended for human consumption, typically from municipals sources (sources vary greatly depending on where you live) . There are typically no added ingredients. Fluoride is added to many municipal tap water sources. However, I’m not sure if fluoride is added to all. Tap water is deemed as ‘safe’ for drinking by following specific rules and regulations to prepare it for human consumption.

    Just a little information.... hope that helps. Unlikely , however .... It will likely ..........just open a can of worms. lol
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