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Thread: Bringing the pet toads via plane travel - warnings and cautions?

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    Default Bringing the pet toads via plane travel - warnings and cautions?

    Hey guys!

    So a lot of changes are on the way and here mid september, I will be moving from Copenhagen, Denmark, to London in the UK I'm super excited, and will of course be bringing my boys with me.

    All the legal and paper matter are under control: Now I'm trying to figure out a safe and doable travel route for them, where I can be in control of their health and welfare. Up until now, travel by train has been cancelled, as EuroStar (the company securing a connection between mainland Europe and the UK Isles) does not allow any other animals aboard, save for seeing eye dogs.

    As far as I can see and find data on, all UK airlines only allow Seeing eye dogs in the cabin - all other pets are stored in a controlled, secure enviroment in the cargo. We will be flying for 45 minutes, so the flight itself is not long


    What I am curious about, is:

    Does anyone have any data on, wether or not the change of pressure can be a danger to them?

    Are there any special precautions I should take, to ensure their comfort and welfare?

    If you have any other advice or fact I should be known to, please inform me. Thank you guys in advance!

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