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Thread: Red Eyed Tree Frog got some strange spotted areas now

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    Default Red Eyed Tree Frog got some strange spotted areas now

    So I got me a tree frog a few months ago. He/She has been fine doing good and all. He is sometimes a lighter green and sometimes a darker green. BUT I noticed few days ago a green spot areas show up on his dark green skin. Soooo I never seen something like that before and I got worried. He also was moving around during the day some today so that is not normal or at least I never seen him do that before. Mostly he is just active at night.

    He does not really stay near the top of the tank like that but today he did some, he has moved now tho back under the leaves.

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frog got some strange spotted areas now

    I found this thread that may be of some help. I would recommend bringing him to a vet soon.

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frog got some strange spotted areas now

    Yes, those kind of markings are usually indicative of a bacterial infection caused by either dirty water or being kept too wet/without sufficient ventilation.
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