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Thread: Sterilizing a Money Tree

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    Default Sterilizing a Money Tree

    So, I'm planning on converting an old display cabinet into a vivarium for my red eyed tree frogs, and so far I've come up with this plan...please correct me if I'm making any fatal mistakes!

    Using silicone and Drylok with nontoxic acrylic paint mixed in in EVERY nook and cranny to prevent the wood from molding
    Making the top out of 100% screen to allow the enclosure to dry out during the day, while I mist morning and night
    Getting earthworms from the store and springtails from my culture in the substrate (because I'm planning on planting an entire tree the substrate layer is going to be a good 2 feet deep)
    Sanitizing via bleach soaking/rinsing and then oven baking swamp magnolia leaves for leaf litter

    Now. The thing I'm concerned with, is that with my previous store bought plants (mainly porthos) I've soaked the entire plant in 10% bleach 90% water for a few minutes, then soak twice in fresh water, and haven't had a problem. Can I do that with an entire tree? I mean, I SHOULD be able to, a plant is a plant, but. Is that a good idea? I'm talking like a 3-4 foot tree (if I can find one that big, the ones near me are tiny) in a baby pool or something, maybe a bath tub? Bath tub would probably work best...but...I don't want to kill the tree. Should I just spray/scrub/rinse it or is that too risky for missing little nooks and such?

    As always, any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Also, unrelated, I was told that they don't NEED any specific lighting, but I've heard that UVB is beneficial. They're being moved into a well lit room (not in direct sunlight) so they have a better light schedule, they're currently in my office and I'm a programmer, so they've unfortunately been pulling some late nights/early mornings with me :/ which I've read should also be enough for the plants. Yay or nay?
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