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Thread: Peperomia plant for my Toads?

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    Default Peperomia plant for my Toads?

    Hey, so I have been working on a project for about two weeks and have stumbled upon a plant from Josh's Frogs. The plants is called Peperomia 'Isabella' Yellow (link to the product here: ) Would this be a good plant for my Fire-Bellies? Just an update for people, yes I got my Reptisafe today. No more distilled water! Anyways, so I am wondering if this would be a good plant for them. Basically if you are new to Fire-Bellies or don't know much about them they have a semi-aquatic setup and I am planning to have two vine plants to grow along a cork bark which acts like a bridge with a "waterfall" (filter with rocks) so it looks more natural. So would this be a good choice?

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    Default Re: Peperomia plant for my Toads?

    I should have replied sooner, but I was hoping someone else with a little more knowledge on peperomia would chime in...I have what was labeled as a "Tropical Peperomia" from Home Depot. It has not been doing as well as my pothos plants or heart leaf Philodendron, but I suspect this is due to the soil being depleted. Mine looks significantly different from the ones on Josh's frogs since it is a tricolor/Red edge peperomia. It is a nice plant, but from what I've seen and read it isn't on the level of pothos for growth rate and resilience. Sorry for taking so long. I hope this helps.
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