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Thread: Urgent Question! Please answer ASAP!

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    Exclamation Urgent Question! Please answer ASAP!

    Hey, so yesterday I got a new light and lid for my FBT's and misted it as usual. I came back later to see little paths in the condensation followed by a small, white, circular shaped mite crawling along the glass. I have had the same issue with my hermit crabs and use the same substrate (Eco-Earth) for both my Hermits and Toads. I was worried all night that these could be dangerous and hurt my toads though I am not sure how long they've been there. Whenever I stick my hand in there I feel little bite sort of sensations along where I came in contact with the terrarium. This same thing happened when I touched my hermit crab enclosure, though not when I held the crabs themselves. I do not believe they are springtails as they are much much smaller and are not long and have short long antennas. I do not see any weird behavior from my toads ever since I adopted them. Sometimes they look clear, almost transparent but I cannot see any organs or anything because they are smaller than a needle point. I don't really see them in the soil but they could be there and I'm just not looking hard enough. My hermit crabs had big mites though, about as big as 1/4 of a pea. I remember giving all ten of them salt water baths and watching a huge mite swim in the water after I had rinsed out the hermit crabs shell. This worries me as the mites looked the same as my hermit crabs mites form the start, but then grew into a huge monster that caused actually little stress for my hermit crabs, as non of them lost any legs. Only two of my past hermit crabs had lost legs and one was really weird, walking around with no shell, only to find one, go in and never come out. This was before I noticed any mites so I am wondering if these are just soil mites or something much worse. Please respond soon! Thanks!

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