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Thread: This is an Emergancy!! Can someone help please! I need help ASAP!!! Please help this is URGENT!

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    Exclamation This is an Emergancy!! Can someone help please! I need help ASAP!!! Please help this is URGENT!

    Hey, so just today I had gotten a new lid with a light for my Fire-Bellied Toads and misted everything so hey could enjoy some humidity for the first time as they had before had a screen lid and small light that only covered about 1/4 of the tank with light. ANYWAY, a few minutes later I came back and saw tiny little mites crawling on the glass! I could see their pathways from all the condensation that came from misting. I use eco-earth substrate but will be changing that to an ABG mix from Josh's Frogs. I have a 20 gallon terrarium with no live plants (yet) and feed them crickets with the occasional mealworms or waxworms. The bugs are tiny, about as big as a grain of sugar if not smaller. They are so small almost seethrough and have no visible legs or antennas. They just look like one tiny spec moving around. My toads act mostly normal though one of them seems to be scrunching himself up for small periods and then relaxing his muscles again. I am really worried because I researched it and people said that some of the mites had KILLED their pets! Others said they were completely harmless but some said they were springtails but they are WAY smaller then springtails and have no visible antennas or legs or anything. If you need a picture I will send one next to a quarter and a pencil end. I really need help I am so worried I got my pets from Petco as I don't have any local breeders near me and just noticed this today. The tank is sometimes really moist but mostly remains quite moderate with some fluffy mold but mostly clean and no frog poop laying around as they poop in their water. There aren't very many but I have had them in the past in my hermit crab tank and figured out that they are prey stressful for the animal and breed very quickly. I really hope this is not dangerous and that they will be okay!

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    Default Re: This is an Emergancy!! Can someone help please! I need help ASAP!!! Please help this is URGENT!

    By now they may be drowned having added the humidity / spraying.
    They likely came in the soil or tagged along on the crickets.

    Keep the glass sprayed down.
    Unless the infestation is so bad, and you see the mites walking all over the frogs ..... the frogs will be fine.

    You can - CAREFULLY - wipe down the outside of the enclosure and everything around it with rubbing alcohol.
    Check your cricket bin as that could be the source as well.
    If they are in the cricket bin.....consider dumping the bin / wash it out and start new.

    If you culture fruit flies.... check them as well as the possible source.
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