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Thread: Help! Emergency! This is very urgent please reply!

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    Exclamation Help! Emergency! This is very urgent please reply!

    Hey, so today I got a new lid today along with a light so I could see the terrarium properly. Then I proceeded to mist as I usually do and later came back to find mites crawling along the glass! I have no idea how long they'd been there as I couldn't see them before because there was no condensation or light. I have had the same issue with my hermit crabs and come to find that they are VERY hard to get rid of. I am wondering if they are harmless or if they will kill my toads because one owner said that they indeed killed their frogs! Most people on here have said it is fine but for hermit crabs, who even have a hard exo-skeleton, they are a threat and can cause a lot of stress. They are very small and white, about as small as a grain of sugar if not smaller. They have no antennas or legs noticeable but just look like a tiny little white spec. I am very worried they are just all white and a little seethrough and do not look like springtails. The only way I noticed them way by the pathways they made along the glass and saw them moving when I looked at the end of the path. Please respond I am very worried about my poor buddies I really want them to be okay!

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