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Thread: How to care for these plants + Are CO2 Supplements safe?

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    Default How to care for these plants + Are CO2 Supplements safe?

    Hey, so I have been researching about different plants to add to my Fire-Bellied Toads habitat. This is my first time with live plants so I was wondering if these would be good starters. I found them on Josh's Frogs website and I am looking for plants that can grow in water like lily pads. I have found a Golden Potho with good reviews and it seems to be what I am looking for. I was thinking of trying to make my own custom background but I do not know if I would be able to remove it because I am planning to upgrade their tank to at least a 30-40 gallon. I am going to re-do the whole enclosure and make it a rocky land with a little land corner and a big pond with plants, cork, etc. I was also wondering if cork will mold? I have had some issues with mold on drift wood when it became too moist in the tank. The other plants I foudn were a Spathiphyllum or Liana, and a Bacopa caroliniana. I would like plants that are hardy and don't require C02 supplements or fertilizers as I am afraid it would harm my toads. I am also thinking about moss and more vine-like plants. So all my questions are as follows: "Are CO2 Supplements and Fertilizers for plants safe?" "What type of dirt do I use for each plants?" "What are the best plants for a water environment (Grow in the water)" "Will a custom background made with foam be removable and not ruin the tank?" and lastly "What are good hardy plants that are not expensive and do not require any special fertilizers or CO2 supplements and if they do require that then will it be safe for my toads and where do I find it and what kind do I use?" Thank you for reading and I hope that an experienced vivarium-ist (Probably a made up word but I just mean someone who has experience with aquarium plants) can give me some tips and a good answer to some if not all of my questions. Thanks!

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    Default Re: How to care for these plants + Are CO2 Supplements safe?

    Just as excessive levels of fertilizer salts can harm plants, excessive levels of CO2 enrichment can have adverse effects. In a growroom, levels above 1,500 ppm are considered wasteful, and levels above 5,000 ppm are harmful. Carbon can be considered the currency of plants; the element is a main component of plant structure and growth and has an intimate relationship to crop yield.If you are growing indoors or in a greenhouse, that next step for you may be supplementing additional Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Plants get all their nutrition from the fertilizer you feed them and they use light through photosynthesis to process that food.

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