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Thread: Can I feed my Fire-Bellied Toads Dubia Roaches?

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    Question Can I feed my Fire-Bellied Toads Dubia Roaches?

    Hey, so I currently feed my FBT's crickets, waxworms, and mealworms. I feed waxworms every week as they are high in fat, mealworms three times a week, and crickets daily. I would like to offer the healthiest diet to my Fire-Bellies and was told by my brother friend who owns a Bearded Dragon, that Dubia roaches are very healthy and easy to breed. I was also told that they have a softer exoskeleton which makes it easier for the toads to digest. So I guess I am asking two questions, One: Can Fire-Bellies safely eat Dubia Roaches? And two: What is the healthiest diet I can feed my toads? Thank you and have a good day!

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    Default Re: Can I feed my Fire-Bellied Toads Dubia Roaches?

    Went and looked it up, found s good thread.
    Apparently they can handle appropriately sized roaches, but they may not be active enough to attract attention. I find their burrowing and hiding tendencies somewhat annoying, but they're a very good feeder otherwise.
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