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Thread: Unusual Toad Behavior

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    This morning I caught my toad in what I could only describe as a head on a desk position. Elbows wide head down towards the hands, eyes were half closed. Her mouth was opening and closing randomly and there was definitely substrate (coconut fibre) in her mouth as well. I though she was trying to clear her mouth but after observing her it seemed that the substrate was not her concern. I don't have a UVA/B bulb for my tank but I'm going to get one in case this is a sign of MBS but if anyone else has any info or experience with this I would appreciate any input. TIA!

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    Default Re: Unusual Toad Behavior

    I'm not familiar with toad shedding, but if that had happened to a tree frog I would say it was shedding behavior. Especially with the opening and closing of the mouth.

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    Default Re: Unusual Toad Behavior

    Ok I'll keep an eye on Her, I'm not familiar with toad behavior either I'm a new owner and am probably jumping at shadows but love having a great community of herpers to bounce ideas off!

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    Default Re: Unusual Toad Behavior

    Hey Elly! Thanks for the heads up on shedding! I went and looked up toad shedding online and that totally was the motions she was doing. Thanks for putting my mind at ease!

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