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Thread: Pacman Frog is Stressed

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    Default Pacman Frog is Stressed

    I recently got a baby pacman frog from a pet store 5 almost six days ago. He spend the first few nights in his Critter Cage that came with him. 3 days ago i moved him into his new tank and he burrowed right away. Eat has not eaten a lot since i got him and i'm worried he is to stressed out. The temp in his cage is always around 79-82 degrees during the day and are 77 at night. He has eco earth bedding and clean distilled water. The only way i got him to eat is to pick him up and poke his mouth with the meal worm until he took it. He has eaten 4 meal worms since i got him. Any ideas to make him less stressed so he will eat?

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    Default Re: Pacman Frog is Stressed

    This is apparently normal behavior when you just get them. Mine burrowed for about a week. Though it fed just fine in a separate container.

    Spring water is said to be a better choice than distilled, due to the minerals contained. I personally wouldn't drink distilled water, but its great to spray with.

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    Default Re: Pacman Frog is Stressed

    Hi there,

    the best thing to do to reduce stress is too leave him alone for now. He certainly won't starve if he doesn't eat for a few days and attempting to force him to eat will only increase his stress. The best thing to do is keep good husbandry in a calm and quiet area and allow him to explore his surroundings at his own pace.

    Also mealworms are not the best option in terms of food. Recommend crickets, dubias and earthworms/nightcrawlers

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    Default Re: Pacman Frog is Stressed

    I think you need to give him time to settle like I suggested in your last post. The move and drive from the store and then being transferred into another enclosure from the critter keeper a few days ago is a lot for a frog. cover the 3 sides, put him in quiet room and give him a day or 2 without any interaction and he should come around for you.

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    Default Re: Pacman Frog is Stressed

    In general for all animals, and from the experience of my frogs, take a while to get settled in a new environment.
    Stress will go down with good husbandry and keeping activity around his tank to a minimum.

    In fact it shows proper response in the animal to be cautious in a new space.

    My first WTF took about a month or two to feel comfortable and racked up many hours in his hiding spot- now I almost never see him hiding

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