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Thread: Frozen fish

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    Smile Frozen fish

    Hello everyone I have a question being as how pacman and pixies eat living or dead prey items and I always feed frozen mice to my snakes, if I buy quantities of feeder goldfish and guppies and freeze them will they be satisfactory [once thawed]prey items? Will they lose any food value by freezing them? I thank you and my frogs thank you. Lanny

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    Default Re: Frozen fish

    Actually, that's a great question. I freeze fish at home, and it seems fine. I'd imagine it's fine, but maybe someone else has tried it. I've only ever frozen fish for cooking later, never for frogs.
    Edit: found a thread that might be of help.
    Seems that it doesn't eliminate all bacteria, but if you're not worried about that angle, especially if you already feed them on fish. I hope somebody else has experience with this lol
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    Default Re: Frozen fish

    To make freeze is a strategy to save food and meat for a long time. it is very helpful because you can save your fish like professional resume writing services with almost many days in this way I also experience this method in my home.

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