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    Default Hi!

    Hello! My name is Alex! Im 16 and i love all types of interesting animals like frogs, insects, and reptiles! I currently own only one American Green Tree Frog named Solomon (even though I think its a female my brother calls him that) whos well and loves to eat! I used to have another, but recently passed away, which is one of the reasons i am here...
    I hope many of the people here who own frogs can help me on my endeavor to what i did wrong...
    I have been looking around here in general for other topics though for a while and now have finally decided to sign up.


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    Hey and welcome. Sorry about your frog. Temp, humidity and dechlorinated water are all very important. I think we have a care guide for American Green Tree Frogs still linked on the Tree Frog part of the forum.

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