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Thread: Urgent help needed green tree frog

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    Default Urgent help needed green tree frog

    Hi my sister works at a banana packing company and she gives me frogs that they find but recently the last one has developed wounds around its mouth that continue to grow and occasionally bleed. He changes in colour from green to grey. Someone please give me advise on what to do. No vets in my area deal with frogs.

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    Default Re: Urgent help needed green tree frog

    It looks like the frog's rubbing off some skin against whatever container it's in. I'd check inside edges for sharpness or try to make sure there's a place to hide so the frog feels safer. Sometimes frogs just do that though. If any of the cuts look infected, you can use bactine or antibiotic ointment but you need to make sure whatever you use does not have any painkillers in it.

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