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Thread: General consensus on species mixing

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    Default General consensus on species mixing

    I have found that in recent years, mixing species in large vivs or (especially) paludariums has become increasingly common and much more accepted than it was when I first began keeping frogs. I keep baja tree frogs with spring peepers but that's as much as I've done; I've seen many keep aquatic species with terrestrial/arboreal ones as well as combinations of frogs and toads or newts. What are the criteria for species that can be kept together? I keep my pseudacris frogs together because they are very similar, but many of the combinations i'm seeing are far less so. I'd love to keep a multi-species setup providing that it's safe- perhaps ADFs in an aquatic section with the aforementioned small tree frogs.

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    Default General consensus on species mixing

    This is a very complicated subject to discuss because of various reasons. It is important to keep both species and know tendencies before purchasing and putting together. Various important components make mixed species vivariums difficult because of the time being put into the enclosure just studying the animals and the little niches each species has. A big part right off the top of the head is temperature and humidity.
    These areas have to be as close to equal as possible or one species will stress and die; just a little to warm or too cold or a little to humid may kill of one species, so it's important to understand the risks with temperature and humidity.
    Next is size of enclosure. This is important dealing with stress as well. If you can supply a very big tank like a 55 Gallon minimum for a mixed species then it's possible. The reason is so you can create areas to support each need one of the animals needs. I have a 75 Gallon and on one side I have water and hides for Leopard or Wood Frogs, and heavily planted with shade and many hides for the American Toads. The species can have what they need to make as close to stress free environmental as possible. If it's a bigger enclosure it just looks more natural with less animals and more terrain and makes more sense. Depending on the species you will have to see the tank requirements and add them together for the best size. Very importantly you need to look at keeping animals from the same climate and even same piece of woods so no diseases spread that the animals can't naturally live with. The size difference is important as well. Ranid and Bufo (US pond frog and toads) are very aggressive and will eat anything they think they can fit into their mouths, so I knew first hand one size mistake could mean lunch for one occupant. The species needs to be studied to see its behavior and whether it will tolerate other animals. Toxins are also important to look into with frogs because they can poison an occupant and you may never know unless you knew one species was poisonous! I'm not on expert level but I'm a very experienced intermediate keeper and from keeping the Leopard Frogs and American Toads I can say you need to be willing to put in a lot of money. A lot of money, and not cut corners because one species will die if you do. It is very hard and should not be done if there are commitment issues or the requirements cannot be met to keep the selective animals to flourish. because these enclosures only happen successfully with a dedicated keeper. So research, dedication, money, more money, and patience is how to do it. And a big tank. Hope this helps

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