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Thread: gulf coast toad housing

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    Default gulf coast toad housing

    Does anyone know whether gulf coast toads of the same size can be housed together safely?

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    Default Re: gulf coast toad housing

    These Toads are of the genus Incilius. As far as I've read, they are mostly similar to average American anaxyrus species in behavior, and sometimes incilius toads can even crossbreed with anaxyrus species, such as woodhouse toads crossed with Sonoran desert toads, which indicateshould to me they ought to behave very similarly. I have woodhouse toads myself, and I keep 2 in a 20 gallon tank with no problem. Mine are both females, though. I've read some species are problematic with multiple males, although I saw nothing to indicate any such behavior in these toads, so I would imagine it's fine, if you have a good size tank and they're pretty close in size. I hope this helps. Also, I looked them up and they're really cool!

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