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Thread: Separate feeding container for green frogs?

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    Default Separate feeding container for green frogs?

    I have 26 green frog tadpoles that are just beginning to morph, and as of now, one is a full froglet that just finished absorbing its tail. The problem is that their setup still holds all the tadpoles and is 3/4 water, so crickets are going to drown the second I put them in. Is it safe/practical to use a separate bin for feeding? What do most people with mostly-water setups do? The froglet is around 1.5 inches.

    I apologize if this sounds ridiculous- I'm a tree frog owner so this is relatively new.

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    Default Re: Separate feeding container for green frogs?

    It's not ridiculous, everyone has feeding concerns, I've been thinking about a feeding container for my toads, for example, since dubias burrow into the substrate in my tank. Things to consider are how much space will be left in the enclosure,and if they really need it. As long as my toads see food items, they usually go after it before it can move. I'd imagine green frogs will be pretty willing eaters, and with so many frogs I would imagine the crickets will disappear pretty fast, I would try feeding them once first and see how it goes. Another thing is since they jump they'll probably get out, so you might have to remove their legs. My roughly 20 young tree frogs go through 100 pinhead crickets in a single feeding easily. 100 small-medium crickets is a lot of legs to remove. I wish I had a more concrete answer, but I hope this helps nonetheless.
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