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Thread: Toad breeding issue

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    Question Toad breeding issue

    Hello, I have 6 toads, (don't know if they are American or Fowler's) but I have one smaller male who is has the spring fever (urge to mate) and hooks on to everything in the cage he can and sings quite often. I also have another toad who is larger then him and has sang once. I think there is one more male who hasn't sang but would sit near the other males and would act like he was going to sing. The other 3 we think are females. 1 is a very, very huge for a toad and she eats a ton also she never jumps only walks. My smaller toad has hooked on to her many times, but to keep her from stress we have separated them safely quite a bit (but not always to give the male a chance).The first time we they stayed there for a whopping 6 days.Another female is very jumpy and she is medium sized, my smaller toad has hooked on to her a few times, but when he does you can tell she gets very stressed, so we have separated them all times. Lastly, my other female is smaller but not as small as him, he is hooked on to her as of now, and has hooked on to her before, the first time we separated him from her because we thought she was a male (the male has hooked on to a male before). So, we are hoping for some eggs, but we aren't wanting to put them through a lot of stress if it isn't worth it. So are we doing this right? Should we just separate the male from the females? How do we get him and a female to lay eggs? Will they start making eggs since the males are getting spring fever? (Also, so you aren't concerned they have a very very large cage that they seem comfortable in )

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