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Thread: URGENT: White's Tree Frog Unknown Infection

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    Default URGENT: White's Tree Frog Unknown Infection

    Hello, I'm new to this kind of environment but with all of my research turning up nothing, I've run out of options.

    I currently have one sick frog (an adult female) with an orange-ish rash on her stomach. The frog stays close to the ground and seems to breathe heavily and force a secretion through its skin, like a thick sweat. She shared a tank with three other white's (one female, two male). The other male was the first to show these symptoms but has since passed. From the time I noticed the rash, he lasted about four days at most. After his symptoms first showing up and sudden passing, the other frogs were separated. Now I'm constantly checking on the three remaining individuals' stomachs, and I can't help but think every minor discolouration is this mysterious infection.

    I've never had an animal with redleg (I have taken care of amphibians for most of my life), but based purely off the pictures I've seen, it isn't entirely similar to this infection. Two of the frogs developed signs of fungal dermatitis a year or so ago, only a week after being purchased, but they were long since treated and have shown no signs of the fungus. It is also worth noting that the animals that exhibited fungal dermatitis are not the two that had come down with this new infection.

    Recently, I had also found that fruit flies that emerged from the substrate (a problem that has persisted for some time) were host to mites apparently using them for transport. Could the two be connected?

    Without a vet that takes exotic animals around, there isn't much I can do, it seems. I have amoxicillin on hand, but without knowing for certain the proper dosage for such a small animal (or even if the infection is definitely bacterial), I'm reluctant to use it. As of now, all of the animals are eating. The individual that passed was not eating in the days leading to its death. Online research didn't yield many useful findings, with the exception of this here...

    Though the image is blurry, the colouration is somewhat similar to the rash my frogs exhibit. The poster's frog turned out fine and nothing ever came out of it. At this point I'm just hoping someone here might have some idea what this could be and what treatment may be effective. Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: URGENT: White's Tree Frog Unknown Infection

    I'm so sorry, I never found anything that explained how to treat a frog with various drugs by weight. You could try a bath with a drop of honey, in hopes that it will have a slight effect on the fungus or bacteria but it would probably be too little to help.

    ...then again redleg can probably be made worse by stress, so forcibly handling the frog wouldn't be good.

    Can you at least call vets in your area, asking if they would be willing to find and get instructions from a herp vet? That's pretty much what my vet did, although he was an exotic vet, he just mostly did birds.

    Edit: I'm not sure how safe or credible this is, or whether your frog even has Chytrid but here's something about Lamasil Chytrid treatment:

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