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Thread: African Clawed Frog having difficulty eating

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    Question African Clawed Frog having difficulty eating

    Hello everybody. So I suppose this began about the middle of next week. My frog has never had any difficulty eating, and I would treat him to his daily meal consisting of a half of a nightcrawler, or occasionally some sinking pellets. Well, When I ran out of nightcrawlers, I went to the gas station and purchased some red worms, seeing as they were smaller and I wouldn't have to cut them in half before I dropped them in the tank. The first day I fed him a red worm, all was well, he quickly downed the worm and left no trace of it. The next day, however, he would continuously attempt to stuff the worm in his mouth but could not keep it down. The next day, I tried again, the same thing happened. I tried to do a little research and figured that he may have been getting sick. At this point I put him in a 10 gallon quarantine tank and treated him with tetracycline over the course of the next few days and would vacuum the tank at night. I noticed that every morning there was this nasty residue at the bottom of the tank. I have no idea what it could be, other than waste of some sort. I would also attempt to feed him, again, with no such luck. One red worm was literally cradled in his hands and all he did was swat it away, not even attempting to eat it. Then last night, I decided to try to feed him some bloodworms, and to my surprise, he actually ate some. So I moved him back into his 20 gallon tank, which has new clean water in it. He still seems to be exhibiting difficulty in eating though. He did try to eat another red worm, but couldn't keep it in his mouth. So I went outside and found a small earthworm and brought it inside to feed to him. He managed to keep this one down, although it took him a little while. So what I would like to know is, what could possibly be wrong with him, how can I get him to feel better, and what was the mysterious residue on the bottom of the tank? I should also note that besides not eating like a pig as usual, he acts normal and sings constantly throughout the night. Below is a pic I took of him the other day in the quarantine tank with the residue. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Red worms can give off a foul odour which may point to why the frog unable to eat the worm"
    Whats your amonia levels only time i have read frogs producing mucus is when amonia levels were high
    He could of just puked the worm back up! Looks in real good condition otherwise
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    I don't have anything to test the ammonia atm, I should probably look into getting some. The only thing I have is a pH test kit, and it read close to 7.0. Either way, he's back in his 20 gallon tank, and was able to down a whole earthworm without much trouble. I'll probably dispose of the red worms, they probably didn't taste very good.

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