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Thread: Should a Pixie Frog have a Heat Pad, Heat lamp, or Both?

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    Default Should a Pixie Frog have a Heat Pad, Heat lamp, or Both?

    I'm reading so many different care sheets that contradict each other. Some say heat pads are the best and others say basking lights are better. Which is best for a pixie frog? I want my frog to be as comfortable as possible.

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    Default Re: Should a Pixie Frog have a Heat Pad, Heat lamp, or Both?


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    Default Re: Should a Pixie Frog have a Heat Pad, Heat lamp, or Both?

    Both have pros and cons, really and you can try what works for you. Before using any heat source try to get your room temp as close to their range as possible.

    If you use a heat mat as your heat source, don't place it on the side as often recommended as it is not really effective because it is primarily a contact heat source. Use it on the bottom and it's essential that it be used with a thermostat to prevent overheating your frog whilst it digs. It should cover no more than half the tanks floor so they can burrow and down as natural in a cool unheated place if it needs to. Again, try to get your room warm or the frog will spend too much time on the mat.

    If you use a heat bulb, use nothing more than a 50watt bulb and you'll have to do regular misting or get a mist system to ensure the substrate does not try out too much. It's a good idea to provide some shelters when using a bulb, so there's some moisture underneath them for your frog to seek out if it gets dry between misting. If extra heating is needed at night, ideally don't use red or purple bulbs as these actually can disturb the frog to a certain extent; a ceramic heat emitter is better and should be connected to a thermostat. Take care take when moving this fixture as it does get very hot.

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