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Thread: My Red Eye has a bump

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    Default My Red Eye has a bump

    So I got my red eyed tree frog almost 2 months ago. When I purchased him from a chain pet store he had a red bump on his mouth. I had posted a picture of him and someone said their lizard had the same thing and it was caused from the pet store neglecting his encloser and living space and it cleared up on her lizard within a month well here I am 2 months later and it hasn't seem to have gone down any. Any idea what it is or suggestions of how to fix it?
    His humidity and temperature is perfect I mist him 2-3 times daily, I use water conditioner and keep his enclosure very well kept he eats about 2 crickets every other day (he's still young) I give him dusted crickets once a week and he is the only one I have so he's by himself. I've had a red eye before so I know how they behaviors are and it doesn't seem to affect his behavior! Someone please help me!

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    Default Re: My Red Eye has a bump

    I wish I could be more of a help. It could be an infected cricket bite or other wound. I know that for open wounds it's safe to use NON PAINKILLING Neosporin on frogs, but you don't have an open wound. I'd just keep an eye on your frog. See if he continues to eat well and move around.

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