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Thread: Giving Frog (Dumpy) an outside option

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    Default Giving Frog (Dumpy) an outside option

    So, I have a hard time reconciling owning captive frogs, who are supposed to live 10+ years in only their enclosure when in natural habitats they move around freely albeit because they are avoiding predators. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I thought maybe a very reasonable hamster ball adventure could be nice in small increments every once in a while. Am I crazy for trying to find a solution to a solitary life or do I just let them sit there? Some background of it helps, my two dumpys, Bud and Weis (I didn't name them), live in a nice place with a hide, a pond, fake hanging plants to hide in, a climbing log which I've attached vines on from the side it is on to the other through the center of the enclosure. I also have a cliff pond. Bud is always in the cliff pond and Weis is always under the hide. Bud is sure to pee on me when I handle him and Weis is bigger and will crawl up to my shoulder and jump around onto walls and such. I do this very rarely because these frogs are a gift to my very science oriented 4 year old daughter who handles them well but I prefer to respect the frogs interests and life rather than hers in this scenario. I still get hung up on the frogs being in a small place forever. So, per my post, does anyone have thoughts about accommodating a larger life? I'm interested even if it's a "hell no". Anyway, thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Giving Frog (Dumpy) an outside option

    I wouldn't try the hamster ball. For one thing the frog's probably not heavy enough to move it well, and for another I can just see it ending disastrously.
    I understand the impulse to allow the frogs some freedom for exercise though.

    I'll admit to letting the more adventurous one of my frogs out on hot summer nights, letting him climb the walls. But I do try to frogproof the room by putting away things small enough to eat and vacuuming so that there's no hair or lint on the floor.

    You'll have to weigh this against how upset frogs get at being handled. If the frog's nervous enough to pee on you I wouldn't do it. Frogs aren't quite like humans and are patient, perfectly content to sit and wait for bugs. And of course there's always the chance of being lost or injured outside the tank. But I do feel like they should get the chance to get out at least sometimes, so right or wrong, I try to compromise.

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