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Thread: Question on bumping etiquette

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    Default Question on bumping etiquette

    I've been looking through various places such as the FAQ and tried a forum search but can't seem to find any info, so thought I'd ask. I also can't seem to get to the Terms of Service page via the link at the bottom (throws up a 404 when I try) so if anyone has a working link to that I'd very much appreciate it!

    What's the etiquette regarding bumping a topic?

    I've been reading back through the forums over the last few days since I joined and I've seen a few fun topics that look like they'd be fun to get involved with in the future (such as the "you know you keep frogs when" topic) but the last date of posting is over 12 months ago so I'm reluctant to post unless I know it's not going to upset anyone if I bumped a topic that hasn't been active for so long.

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    Default Re: Question on bumping etiquette

    Bump away..... activity here is at an all time low. Anything to get it going again is okay by me, though I'm not in any way shape form or fashion, connected with the forum administration. I'm just a very opinionated SOB that likes to get into a heated discussion, because that's how I learn new things.

    But personally, I'd start a new topic, state your issue and then maybe link to the old threads of interest. Too many times a member will say that an issue in the thread is their issue, but when you finally get the details out of them, it's not quite the same..... IMO of course.

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