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Thread: Unsure Of What To Do!!! Help Please!!

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    Exclamation Unsure Of What To Do!!! Help Please!!

    okay, so i found this big beautiful american bullfrog! and im serious about keeping her! but im unsure of where to start ;3; i currently have her in an aquarium with about 5 inches of water and a single rock, big enough for her to get on if shes tired of the water. ill be honest, ive never been real serious about keeping any frog ive caught until now, but im unsure of what to do. she doesnt move much, maybe the water is too cold? i took her out of the aquarium this morning and put her in a semi warm bath and she perked up alot! she was jumping and swimming. but now that shes back in she just kinda sits there and gives me the silent treatment ;3;

    Please!! any advice???

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    Default Re: Unsure Of What To Do!!! Help Please!!

    I'm pretty sure that these critters can take ambient temperatures in north america. Any water that feels warm to you is probably super-hot and dangerous to the frog, so careful with warm water. Warm to a frog is 80F and that feels cold to a human.

    A frog that sits is probably happy with where it's at.

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    Sadly American bullfrogs are notoriously nervous in captivity, or so I've heard. Wild frogs often don't do well. I know you want to keep her, but maybe it would be best to let her go to seek a mate and maybe have tadpoles? If you do get wild frogs, it's best to get them from a tadpole state, since most tads get eaten anyway before they become adults.

    If you do keep her, the water seems like it might be a bit too warm and yes, frogs often just sit around a lot waiting for bugs.

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    Default Re: Unsure Of What To Do!!! Help Please!!

    oh, okay! thank you for letting me know ^3^ she does seem super nervous. i know it would be for the best to let her go... i wait a few more days and if she doesn't get better then its a sure thing i will let her go some where safe ^3^

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    Bullfrogs are big, active frogs with long jumps. They really should have a very large enclosure, much larger than the typical home aquarium. Even in a large enclosure, expect them to be jumping against the glass.
    They also have huge appetites. They will eat massive quantities of insects, and will even eat mice.
    A bullfrog is a poor choice for a first frog. My advice would be to release it where you found it.

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