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Thread: Marine Toad attempting escape (injury in the process)

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    Default Marine Toad attempting escape (injury in the process)

    Hello, I have two Cane Toads I just received a week ago. Both male, same size and content with each other. Every night, one of the males will constantly hop around attempting to climb the glass and injure himself. Tonight, he got a small gash on his nose.

    The tank has proper humidity, 29 gallon quarantine at the moment, 40 gallon in a week or so.

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    Default Re: Marine Toad attempting escape (injury in the process)

    Have you tried putting a terrarium background or something on the sides and back of the tank? It will help him feel more secure and less out in the open. When I first got my Cane toad, I taped cardboard around the outside of the tank, except the front, and it helped a lot to calm him down and stop trying to hop/climb through the glass. He doesn't need it anymore..

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