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Thread: Grey tree frog (h. Versicolor)

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    Default Grey tree frog (h. Versicolor)

    I've had my two frogs for about a year now and I love them dearly. Today I noticed that one's back legs were twitching and spasming. When he jumps is slow and off balance and his legs draw back slowly. He seems to have a hard time moving around but the other is fine. I'm starting to get really worried. Please please help.

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    Default Re: Grey tree frog (h. Versicolor)

    It could be an injury you didn't notice or a stroke. Calcium deficiency makes frogs have trouble moving their muscles, but it's unlikely one would work and the other wouldn't. Or maybe it somehow has something to do with a fungal infection.

    If it's the first possibility I don't know that there's anything you can do.

    There may be other causes for this I don't know of: I'm not a vet. Hopefully others will chime in.

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