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Thread: Fire belly tadpole can I keep diferent age clutches together

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    Default Fire belly tadpole can I keep diferent age clutches together

    Hi all I recently had some tadpoles layed,yay I was wondering if tadpoles with legs already can be kept with a clutch just weeks old? Thanks for the answers

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    Default Re: Fire belly tadpole can I keep diferent age clutches together

    Well, i've got a FBT breeding season on my hands. As a matter of necessity, many of my FBT toadlets have emerged in the adult tank.

    To my surprise, the adults do not consider these toadlets as food. Once in a while one an adult will strike at one, but generally speaking they coexist way better than I thought. In fact, the toadlets pile on top of the adults. My main "haul out" point has been commandeered by toadlets.

    Are the adults hungry? Yes. I haven't fed them in days. Do they eat the toadlets? Nope.

    It's amazing. These little toads can do a dance right in front of an adult. Nothing.
    When I added a few crickets, the tank explodes in activity as the adults brawl over them.

    I'm finding that i'm getting very little in the way of deaths by keeping them all together. In fact, the adult tank group looks healthier than the isolated group.

    My "tadpole" tank contains tadpoles of all sizes, from "yolklets" to the ones that have just developed their front legs and stopped eating. They do not seem to disturb each other, even when there are a LOT of them.

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