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Thread: New to the forum, looking for some pointers on a Pacman

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    Default New to the forum, looking for some pointers on a Pacman

    Greetings all,
    I have always been a reptile/amphibian lover as a kid and made the realization that as an adult I can bring that love home!

    I have had an ADF community tank now for about 6 months with no issues (3 ADF, 2 male 1 female, 2 otos, 10 gallon) who are very entertaining to watch.

    New to my house is a Pacman frog lovingly named Hypnotoad. All obey Hypnotoad.

    I do not have any photos to post at this time though plenty on my phone.
    I have been using this forum as a guest to read up on pacman frogs and will likely go to that forum area for some questions/pointers regarding my new addition.

    My household consists of: 1 cat, 2 bearded dragons, 3 ADF, 2 oto, 1 red-tail boa, and the pacman frog.

    While the snake is not mine (room-mate's) I have plenty of experience regarding temps, food dusting, and general pet needs due to my bearded dragons. I also have a dubia roach colony starting in my basement. Plenty of nymphs currently, but a small colony.

    I also go by the same username on the bearded dragons forum,

    thanks all!

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    Default Re: New to the forum, looking for some pointers on a Pacman

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you'll hang around and help contribute to the posts here. Prior to Monday, the forum for me has been experiencing some technical issues for over four days that I think likely affected many others and has kept them from viewing and responding to posts. I'm still not seeing many of them posting again, so either they've given up, or just not had time to try since the issue has been resolved. I like the division of the subforums, so I hope you'll find the same and will help keep things active here.

    I'm not a big herp fan or pet keeper for that matter. I just inherited a firebelly toad when my son went off to college quite some years ago. So I found this forum helpful to keeping it and the new fbt's happy and apparently healthy. So for me, you'll generally only find me in the Fire Belly Toads subforum for my fbts, the Food, Feeders,....... subforum for the crickets I raise for feeders and the Vivarium, Terrarium & Enclosure subforum. I notice that some members seem to stay only in the subforum for their particular frog/toad, so if you don't post in that subforum, you'll never hear from them.

    I am pretty opinionated myself, but don't let that bother you if we ever wind up on opposite sides of the issue. I like the debate and I do learn from others that can substantiate their claims.

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