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Thread: Light Green, Blotchy Discolorations on WTF skin..?!

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    Exclamation Light Green, Blotchy Discolorations on WTF skin..?!

    My WTFs once shared a 18"x18"x24" vertical setup; now one is in a 10 gal. hospital tank. Both are fed dusted crickets 2-3x a week, misted 2x a day, and have a spring water bath. Substrate is coconut fiber.

    One of them developed a light green, blotchy area around shedding time. Overnight, the mark spread. I treated it like an abrasion using original Neosporin, but the area became lighter than the rest of the skin. I think it has healed a bit over the past few days but is still a little visible.

    Yesterday, my other frog spooked while shedding, and I found a light green, smeary blotch on it too! But the area is spreading a bit and discolored, becoming lighter as well. I dabbed some original Neosporin on just in case.

    Picture link below... I'm scared of what may be going on.
    Photo album:

    Anyone got a clue what I should do and what is happening to my little ones?

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    Default Re: Light Green, Blotchy Discolorations on WTF skin..?!

    Hey, sorry, I tried to answer this earlier but the forum was down.
    Blotches usually aren't a good sign, but mine have had them before and they disappeared pretty quickly. I can't say what's happened with the Neosporin, whether that made the blotches stick around.

    I'd monitor your frog's appetite and see whether they spend longer than usual in the water dish. I wouldn't put on more Neosporin for now, I'd wait and see if the skin seems to heal or if there are other symptoms.

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