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Thread: WTF Skin Condition? Neosporin Reaction? HELP!

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    Default WTF Skin Condition? Neosporin Reaction? HELP!

    I have two WTFs being treated for what seems to be abrasions. I think one got nipped, and the other scratched himself on something when he jumped around after he was spooked this evening.
    I applied some Neosporin (original formula) to the areas on both frogs. I noticed that the skin that came in contact with the Neosporin turns lighter over time... or is this scarring, a reaction to an injury, or..?

    Has anyone else had similar experiences with Neosporin, or is there something I should be concerned about? Thank you!

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    Default Re: WTF Skin Condition? Neosporin Reaction? HELP!

    I've put an antibiotic ointment on a cut my frog had and later it scarred into a dark spot. Frog skin is sensitive, I'd stick to dabbing Neosporin only where it's really needed. But I also wouldn't worry too much about the light places.

    (Unless a vet chimes in here and says you should worry. I am not a vet. Maybe do an internet search on it.)

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