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Thread: Green frog....or Mink frog

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    Default Green frog....or Mink frog


    Someone sent me this picture to confirm whether or not it was a Mink frog.

    I'm thinking it's a green frog even though it looks weird (compared to the ones I usually see in my region) and the webbing definitely reaches the last knuckle on the fourth toe. Although that last "says" mink frog, I think it's a green frog with a malformed (or clipped/cut) fourth toe. That foot just looks weird because the fourth toe seems too short. Both species are supposed to have fourth toes a fair bit longer than the other toes....

    Thoughts or confirmations?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Green frog....or Mink frog

    You are correct, it is a Green frog.

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